Adrenaline Cofffee | Our Process
Adrenaline Coffee is an extreme roaster, dedicated to roasting coffee that is just purely awesome. Our knowledge and skill of selecting the perfect blend together with quality beans.
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Our Process

1. Get Pumped

First we begin with some get the adrenaline pumping and to clear the mind. Standup paddling, is one of our favourites. We love to hit the surf and enjoy the rush of getting on a wave and the challenge of staying upright! And there is nothing better than enjoying your cup of adrenaline coffee on a stand-up .

2. Choosing the Bean

We source premium green coffee beans from the world’s finest coffee destinations around the globe. Our beans are chosen due to their outstanding flavour characteristics to ensure we can create the perfect tasting blend for our customers.


3. Roasting

Roasting requires a skill set somewhere between art and science. The goal in coffee roasting is to enhance the qualities of the green coffee beans and to develop them to their fullest potential. We have scrapped traditional roasting techniques and have embraced a new technology known as ‘hot air roasting’. As the name suggests beans are evenly roasted using hot air. This gives us a perfect consistency and enhanced flavour compared to flame roasting.

4. Quality Analysis

We use the internationally recognised cupping form of the SCAA which is based upon a 100 point system with 10 categories. This is similar to the system used for scoring wine, and highlights the outstanding characteristics that make coffee so special. The objective of cupping is to pull out the fine characteristics of a particular coffee through this lighter roast and to test the power and consistency of the sample.

5. Enjoy

By choosing Adrenaline Coffee, you’ve demonstrated that your coffee is very important to you…and it’s important to us as well. That’s why we put our best efforts in bringing you a premium coffee. One that is been sourced, roasted, analysed, packed and shipped with one purpose in mind. To deliver a consistent flavour that gives you that adrenaline boost and satisfaction every-time.